Sunday 16th November, (Albury).

Day one at Goulburn was a wet one at the end of the day so my idea of leaving a day early is now not on. Day two, or the evening, was so cold. The heater came out of the car again and was so welcome. This made me really wonder why I didn’t leave a day early anyway.

My longest trip for a while has taken me to Albury. My intention was to book my trip on the boat when I arrived here, as I would then know when I was likely to be in Melbourne.

I must get myself into the attitude that any plans made will more than likely get changed, as this seems to have been the norm lately. The latest change is my plans to return home for a short trip; I am now not going, as the earliest I could get on the boat was about the time I would want to return. I will now decide what I will do and where I will go between now and early next week when Linda is due to return, the way the weather is shaping up at the moment I may as well stay here at Albury until later in the week and then go to our usual park, Ashley Gardens, in Melbourne on the weekend sometime and stay there for when Linda does return. We’ll see what happens over the next couple of days.

I may have other reasons for staying here anyway, as Matt’s father has indicated that, after telling him about some photos of mine, he would like a large print of one I was describing to hang on his lounge room wall. I thought that this would be an ideal time to see how large I can blow up one of my photos, hopefully A2 size, and if I can and the price is ok, then it would make a good Xmas present for him.

I can also chase up an external aerial for my phone while here, as there is a good phone parts shop here, and I could pick it up when we return in a couple of weeks.