Saturday 4th October, (Biloela).

After not being able to contact the only available camping ground in the Carnarvon Gorge area, probably full being school holidays anyway, we decided not to take the risk of going all that way and not having anywhere to stay. As I said we will return to the area one day when we have enough time to spend what we need to see the area properly.

We had a couple of families with young kids camp next to us last night, they must be from the city as the kids acted as though they had never seen parrots before. They couldn’t get over the fact that here were wild Lorikeets that would eat from one’s hand; it was actually quite surprising to see.

We have now moved on to Biloela, quite a long drive of about 350k. We were originally going to stop at Rolleston, but the town was rather small with not a great deal to offer, the caravan park was quite full as this is a stopover point for Carnarvon Gorge area visiting, and it was quite early as we got an early start so the decision was to go on.


Thursday 2nd October, (Emerald).

Some in the park shared a little excitement yesterday; well in hind site it was excitement, but at the time it was a worry. One of the park guests took a test sail in a sailboat he had built with the intention of taking his kids on a short first sail in the small bay by the launching ramp. It became apparent by his wife and other family that after a period of time that they had sailed a bit far out and were worried that they were in strife. After watching them with binoculars for a short while it was decided that they could be in a little trouble especially as the wind was rather strong and they looked as though they may not have been able to get back to shore.

After a short while we noticed that they seemed to be heading for a stretch of land they could steer to, and about this time we put out a radio call to park management for assistance. It was decided to send a rescue craft to see if they in fact needed assistance, and it turned out warranted.

It turns out that as the sailboat at this stage only had fitted a sail in the front of the craft, with a rear one to be fitted a later stage, and with the wind as it was this created a problem where he could not turn the craft into the wind because all the wind did was drag the sail on the front and turn the craft back around the other way. The gent handling the craft was very aware of the problem and was his decision to head for land that he could reach.

The main problem with this episode was that they had only intended going in the small bay and went without any safety, emergency, equipment, and didn’t even take basics such as water, so there was no wonder the mother was very worried.

All turned out well in the end, all persons being safe and considered the venture a little fun, and as I said it did provide a little entertainment for us on the hill.

Now for the plans changing decision: After several discussions over the past couple of weeks we have now decided that we should return home after Christmas for a lengthy period, possibly a year or so. Linda, and I, have decided that we really headed off on our travels without giving the venture a great deal of thought and preparation in preparing us, her especially, for the lengthy period away from family and friends. I am going to hate the idea of being home for a winter period, but I guess I will just have to get used to it. I am actually now wondering how we lasted so long before these feeling come to a head.

We are also considering that when we return to our travels, and that will happen, that we will consider each trip just that, a trip and return home thereafter. These trips will naturally coincide with Tassie winters of course.