Tuesday 14th October, (Gladstone, Bundaberg).

Perhaps the Bathurst race being run on the weekend is the reason I haven’t put pen to paper. We moved from Cania gorge to Gladstone on Friday purely for the fact that Bathurst was on and I had every intention of watching it. It was a good race to watch and the weekend is now over.

We moved from Gladstone today with the idea of staying at a small coastal town called Seventeen Seventy but when we got there we changed our mind and went on to Bundaberg. At 1770 the campgrounds, caravan parks, were too expensive, there was no mobile coverage, no TV, and the parks were very full so we decided that a stay in later times when mobile and TV will be available, which will be soon. Because the parks were full at this time of year it seems we will have to make a booking when we do return.

Three days here will see us out this visit, and then we will check out a couple of other small coastal towns, Woodgate and Tin Can Bay, on our way south toward Brisbane with the idea of possibly staying at them.