Chapter 22.

I’m on my own for a while again.

Saturday 25th October 2003, (Brisbane).

I am not quite on my own yet; I have a couple of days of Linda’s company before she leaves on Wednesday. This time on my own will be a little different as I will not be staying in the one place, I will be travelling on my own making my way down toward Melbourne or until Linda decides to return. As I will be travelling I intend to make a few changes; eg the drinks fridge will be converted to a freezer so I won’t have to worry about buying food as often, this will free up some space in the van fridge for drinks. I will be able to freeze bread so I will have fresh whenever I need it.

I have purchased myself a new mobile phone, one that is capable of CDMA1X data transfer. This is a new system similar to GPRS for GSM phones, and is a fast connection, the speed depending on how expensive a plan one signs up for, I have so far chosen the pay-as-you-use. A little dearer, but I don’t intend using it for much else but emails so I will just have to see what use I do get out of it. Coverage is limited to capital cities at the moment so I will not get a great deal of use from it anyway. The new phone should be capable of the higher speed of 14,400 instead of the 9,600 of the old phone so that should be a bonus.

I am a little frustrated at the moment though as the data cable I have ordered will not turn up until Monday so even though I have downloaded the software the phone can’t be used for data as yet. The most frustrating part is that the phone and computer is capable of infrared connection, but I didn’t think to download the driver for that type connection, so if I had I would be able to use the phone for data now.

I guess the only option is to wait for the cord to turn up.