Saturday 25th October, (Brisbane).

It is a pity we are in such a rush to get to Melbourne as places such as Rainbow Beach are ones that we could stay at for an extended period, but we did at least get to see it and we do know we will stay again when back this way. It is quite apparent why this place gets its name; the sand in the dunes along the beach is made up of many colours, hence rainbow. I have said that this was one of the most spectacular sights we have seen on our travels, but there have been so many and they are all spectacular in there own way.

We are now in Brisbane and we have had to make big changes to our travel plans again. We received an email from Louisa yesterday and she explained that she is having trouble coping with her pregnancy, being ill and all, so we decided that Linda will go home on Wednesday for a month or so to help her out. She will return to the mainland before Narrelle arrives for her visit.