Wednesday 29th October, (Brisbane).

The new phone turned out to be a saga. It basically turns out that the windows application I am running is not in fact 98 second edition as I thought, and it is not compatible with the software for the data cable. I guess I am lucky that the phone has infrared capabilities and I managed to get it going via that. I still can’t get the 1X part working and I suspect it is because of the windows problem again, as I did not have the correct infrared modem to install. I fudged the connection with another modem and connected it to the infrared port, and it worked.

It turns out that I am reasonably happy with the new phone as it is working, so long as I keep getting a strong enough signal inside the caravan, so when I get back home and have some free time I will reload the laptop with a decent version of windows and start again, hopefully with a lot more success.

Well Linda has once again gone back to Tassie, so I am on my own again. It should be interesting this time as I won’t be in the one place during her absence, as I will be travelling down toward Melbourne.

The generator we are carrying has had a reasonable run over the last couple of days as the park we are staying at has had a problem, and as a result we have been without power for most of the past two days. This would normally not be a problem, with us then just running on 12 volts, but with Linda gone we decided to use the second fridge as a freezer for food and it was still trying to freeze all the food so the generator was a necessity.