Saturday 27th September, (Moranbah).

So bloody hot: It must have been at least mid to high 30’s today.

We have now moved to Moranbah, about 180k inland from Mackay. This is a purpose built town for the workers at the coalmines in the area. There does not seem to be much for tourists to do in the town so we will only be here for two days.

Sunday 28th September, (Moranbah).

This is what travelling is all about. We have decided that Moranbah has absolutely nothing to offer the average tourist, unless they are into coal mines, but what I mean is that we would never know this if we didn’t visit the place. We should have had some idea this is what it would be like, as the few travellers we have spoken to about this town did not even know the place existed. The lack of through tourists in this caravan park well demonstrates exactly that.

The other thing to consider is that perhaps all other travellers have heard what the ants are like in this area; We have never seen so many ants gathered in one area anywhere before. I reckon I alone have killed several million just around our van site, and that has not even put a dent in them.