Midge Point

Wednesday 17th September, (Midge Point).

It has been demonstrated once again that one can’t listen to what some people say about places we intend visiting. We are now at Midge Point and are so far rapt in the area, we had people at Bowen tell us that they hated the place and would never return again. They suggested that the insects were the biggest turn off, and the park management were too regimented and overpowering about how and exactly where one can park the caravan, we have so far found that none of this to be factual. It is now late in the evening and we have found that there are no more insects here than at any other place we have been, probably even less. The management were as friendly as we have experienced.

We actually quite enjoy this area and are now contemplating booking in for a couple of extra days and staying less at Mackay. This is one of those parks that instantly gives one that feeling of peace and quietness, and that our stay is going to be very enjoyable. We are aware that moods and first impressions can have a big influence on ones feelings about an area.