Saturday 20th September, (Mackay).

We did stay an extra day at Midge Point, which we thoroughly enjoyed, but our feelings about returning have been dampened a little by the fact that there is in fact several types of insects present, including the dreaded Midge. We were not bothered too much by the insects, the biggest problem was with them being so small they still get into the caravan through the flywire, but there were a couple of people that were bitten rather badly by the midges. Even though we were bitten a few times they did not seem to bother us too much, perhaps after being bitten rather badly in the past we may have built up somewhat of an immunity to the effects.

There were also some reports of people having an argument with a crocodile in the nearby creek, but then there were some long time residents that said that this could not be true, so we will not worry about that one too much.

We met a couple, Carol & Graeme Brine, who were parked next to us and had a get-together one night. We were a little surprised to later have them give us their address and phone number and insisted that when we are at the Gold Coast we must visit, and she would even cook us a meal. We will probably take them up on their offer, but we are still a little surprised as we didn’t think that we hit it off well enough for this sort of offer to occur. Then they may be the type to make this offer to all and anyone.

We have now moved on to Mackay. We decided to stay at a different park than in the past, Andergrove Top Tourist this time, as this is one rule we must adopt in towns of multiple visits. This may give us a different opinion of the town, as was the case at Bowen.

After only being here since this morning we have recalled that we in fact have not seen much of this town, I haven’t even been round town taking photos. There does seem to be several day trips to be made in the area and we may even do a bus tour while here as they run them from the park we are in.