Flying Fish Point

Monday 1st September, (Flying Fish Point).

We are on the move again, having travelled to Flying Fish Point, 7k east of Innisfail, but more on that later.

On the subject of caretaker at Cairns: It seems that API would prefer someone long term for the job and this would not really suit us so I have left a comment of interest with the Brisbane office. Millie, the girl who takes the bookings, took note of our interest and details and will pass it on to the manager looking after the units, so hopefully he may ring me sometime for further discussions. He would probably more want to discuss some other items that I left with them about problems encountered with not having an onsite caretaker, lack of cleaning of the yard, and the present caretakers idea of dismantling the shelter once used for the onsite caretakers caravan. I have suggested that if they do dismantle the shelter they will have problems getting someone suitable willing to leave their van on site with no shelter.

At this stage I am very hopeful that he may ring, but unfortunately we are out of mobile range at the moment, so if the subject of the job comes up I will express our very much interest. We will see what eventuates.

Flying Fish Point is a small coastal town near Innisfail that we had heard a bit about and is one of the many places we intend to visit on our travels up and down the coast that we have missed of previous trips. This is another place that one could easily just stop and relax for a while, being virtually on the beach. There are a few things to do in the area, and with Innisfail being as close as it is there would be plenty to fill in one’s time. We won’t be staying here long though, three or four days this trip, but I can see that we will visit here again in the future. We will possibly need to be in Brisbane by the end of the month as Matthew is considering coming up for a church conference again, so we are considering a rush trip again like last year so short stays are the order at the moment until we here otherwise.

It didn’t take long to mix in the caravan park as the present campers obviously get together regularly of an evening (beer o’clock) and it was right outside our van so we had no choice, not that we objected though.