Tuesday 30th September, (Emerald).

How plans can change; We are now at Emerald, or at least at Lake Maraboon 20k south of Emerald, on our trip back to the coast via Carnarvon Gorge. We have almost decided to bypass Carnarvon Gorge, as the caravan park we are now in is just so nice, on the edge of a gigantic lake and with abundant bird life, and we will maybe stay here for a week. This will put us behind our schedule a little, and seeing that we will be visiting several other gorges we may not have enough time to spend what we need at Carnarvon. There will always be another time to go that way, unless Linda decides that seeing we came this way to see Carnarvon we should do exactly that.

As I have already stated the caravan park we are in at the moment has turned out to be much better than we expected. We knew that the park was on the side of a lake, but inevitably when one books into this type park one is parked way back from any view of the lake, which makes it no different than any other park. The site we were placed on in this park would have to be one of the best sites in the park for lake views and it also seems to be the regular feeding point for all the birds around here. This is a big win with Linda as it gives her something to occupy her, and some birds to talk to, especially when the cockatiels will eat from ones hand.

The lake itself is enormous, and the dam is also very long. The dam is a couple of kilometres from the park, so a walk not only to the dam but over it to a lookout on the other side will give us a day of good exercise when we decide to do it. I estimate the walk will be about 10k.