Wednesday 6th August, (Cairns).

It seems the only major difference at the holiday units is that the in house managers have left and they now have caretakers and key pickup at the local service station. We have decided to stay here at Crystal Cascades for a full week and we have booked into the API units from Monday for a week. If we decide to stay longer we will book for longer.

We also had a look at the Trinity Beach caravan park while in the area and did not like it very much. It is probably only because we had been led to believe that it was so much better than what we saw. It is probably a perfectly good park to stay at, but with the API units being just up the road, and being cheaper we decided that the units would be much more appropriate.

Monday 11th August, (Cairns).

We moved to Clifton Beach today and after being here for only a few hours we have decided that why move anywhere while this weather is present. We have plenty of time to get to Melbourne so we will just follow the weather down the coast as it warms up.

We had originally thought that there would have been some changes to the API holiday units at Clifton beach after the onsite managers left last year, but after looking at them last week, and moving in today, basically nothing has changed with the exception of arranging to pick up the keys to the units. The problem we had, as minor as it was, was that the caretaker was unsure of what keys to provide us with as he had never had any caravans book in during his tenure to date. After explaining to him that the bathrooms at the end of the units are used for en-suites for van sites, one for each, all was well. The caretaker had the idea that, as the keys labels stated, the en-suite units were only toilets, one female and the other for males. He was going to give us the keys to both, but after I explained he held the other key in case there were another caravan book in.