Monday 4th August, (Cairns).

Now in Cairns, we have hit what is hopefully the tail end of a late wet season for the area. It started raining last night at Kurrimine and poured all night. Luck had it that it stopped when it was time to pack up for our move, then started again when we drove off and stopped just long enough when we arrived at Cains to errect our awning. It seems to have cleared up for now and the forecast is for clear weather from now on with temperatures up to minimums of 18 degrees. We are actually camped in a park in a valley a little to the south of the city, so temperatures will be a little lower than the forecast, but I think we will be able to handle it.

We were hopeful of getting in to a park at Trinity beach, northwest of the city but it is booked out for a while, so we will just take things as they come. We also intend to check out the units at Clifton Beach owned by the API. We had trouble locating a phone number for the units as we believe there have been changes made in management arrangements and the phone number no longer exists. A trip there tomorrow will reveal the present situation and we may be able to get in there again.