Monday 2nd June 2003, (Pentland/Townsville).

We enjoyed our stay at Richmond as it was a peaceful area, but the caravan park is situated on the highest point in the town and there was no protection against the wind that has been blowing since we have been here. We would have liked to stay a little longer but the wind was intolerable.

We left Richmond on Saturday with the intention of going to a Nature Reserve called Kooroorinya at a small place called Lammermoor about 50k south of Prairie, east of Hughenden. We had heard a lot about this camp spot and were looking forward to the visit, but the road was gravel, and although we were told it was usable, we found it was too corrugated and rough for the caravan. We have never known as much gear to be dislodged in the cupboards, and the main door latch came loose losing a screw so we decided to turn around and go on to a place called Pentland. It is a little unfortunate as they were sealing a section of the road and a year later it might have been a lot better. Maybe we will try again next time we are in the area.

Pentland was also a surprise stay as the caravan park there was rather good for a town of its size, and cheap as well. It was unfortunate that it rained while we were there as, although the town was very small, we would have liked to stay there for a day or two, but as the weather looks as though it has turned bad we decided to up camp and travel on to Townsville.

We bypassed a stopover at Charters towers because of the rain and it was just as well: The caravan park we had chosen to stay at had a fire the night before and the office burned down, so they probably wouldn’t be taking any more guests anyway. We also passed up an idea of camping out at a camping area north of Charters’ due again to the weather. Apart from all this we probably couldn’t wait to get to Townsville anyway as we do like the place. After we arrived at Townsville and set up the awning, sat down for a rest, we both had the same thought that this was like being home.