Sunday 22nd June, (Townsville/ Bluewater).

3 weeks have passed since being in Townsville area, and I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly.

I had intended not to put many words down since arriving here as we had only intended relaxing, catching up with some retail therapy and a little maintenance.

We spent the first two weeks in Townsville at the Lakes caravan park and did exactly what we intended. Then we went a short way north to Rollingstone to the free camping area we found last year and spent several days there. This time was very relaxing as there is absolutely nothing to do there without travelling somewhere and we enjoyed it tremendously, so much so that we are going back there tomorrow, or, and another area at Balgal beach over the next week until we return to Townsville.

We are going back to Townsville for the week before Linda flies out to go home for a few weeks so we can catch up with a couple that we met up with last year while here. Barry and Ida, a pair of the many ‘Seagulls’ from Melbourne, travel to Townsville each year to escape the cold winter. They will be here again on Sunday.

At the moment, and for the past four days, we have been at a caravan park at Bluewater, about 20k north of Townsville. This is a very nice park with, as they boast, the largest van sites of any park in Queensland. The price of this park is very reasonable for the area and I am quite surprised that it is as under-used as it is. The frequently used area of the park is well looked after and it is a very peaceful park to spend time to relax. I would suggest that this would be as good a park as any to be for a week or so while Linda is at home so I can do some painting on the under-side of the van.