West MacDonnell Ranges

Sunday 4th May, (West MacDonnell ranges).

Nothing has been written for a while as we have been camping out and reserving power, but could I put a few words down now.

The car repairs and service have been done with the door part turning up on the Wednesday and the work done that day.

We have been awe struck once again with the scenery on offer in this district. The gorges and mountains in the West MacDonnell ranges are a sight we most certainly did not expect. Even though the seven or so gorges and gaps in the ranges each have their own special quality there were a couple that stood out. The Ormiston Gorge and Pound, an area of flat land surrounded by mountains, and the Ochre Pits are just a couple.

Ormiston Gorge is set among a spectacular mountain range and offers a 3-4 hour walk around the pound and through the gorge and is a must do if in the area.