Mt Isa

Chapter 20


Back in Queensland May 2003

Friday 16th May, (Mount Isa).

We spent last evening at Camooweal; we booked into the caravan park behind the local pub thinking it was no different than the other. It turned out that we were the only ones in the park for the night. It seems the signage for this park is not obviously visible and everyone automatically selects the other. We only noticed this one when we were walking around the town looking for parks and when he quoted what he did for the night we just booked in there and then.

The trip today to Mount Isa along the Barkly highway would have to be along the worst section of road called a highway in Australia. About 40% of the road is single lane bitumen and simply placed on the road as it was originally constructed. I am told the road was built by the Americans during word war 11 when they decided it was too far to drive to Darwin via what roads were in existence, so deployed a heap of bull-dozers and made the road. Apart from being single lane sealed, the road is still in its original state, no hills cut out, just up and over leaving some rather dangerous crests with annoying gravel on the edges that one has to move over on to.

We are going to be in Isa for at least a week, relaxing and getting over all the travelling we have been doing lately. After this most of our trips will be relatively shorter and less frequent, thank goodness.