Mt Isa

Monday 19th May, (Mount Isa).

Mount Isa; We came here with the idea that we have gotten from other travellers that one will either love or hate the place. Even though we are enjoying our time here, I for one can’t really work out the city. It has a feel different to any other that we have visited, it is large but does not seem to have a great deal to see or do, it is reasonably picturesque but does not seem to be photogenic, it does not appear to be much further north than Alice Springs and the terrain is similar but the temperatures are completely different. It has been 35 in the day and 14 at night one day, and 30-7 the other, where Alice has been 15 cooler in the day and 5 cooler at night. The city centre is laid out in an unusual way: it’s as if the buildings came first and the roads built around them. So overall it seems the words of other travellers don’t mean much, as when we form our own opinion it is different to that told to us, we do like the place, but do not love it, nice for a visit though. These ideas probably have a lot to do with the fact that whatever scenery one is looking at the mine is always in the background.