Mt Isa

Sunday 18th May, (Mount Isa).

We have now had a couple of days in Isa (Mount Isa) relaxing. It does make it a little hard to relax properly though when the temperatures reach the 30’s during the day and get down to about 7 or 8 during the nights, a bit much of a variation.

We had a look at the tourist information centre today and would you believe there is not really a great deal to do here, unless one’s budget can afford it. It seems a couple of hour mine tour costs about $22.00 per head and all other attractions seem to have a reasonable entry fee as well. I’m afraid our budget will not permit all these fees so maybe all, or most, will be missed.

There is a lake, Moondarra, just northwest of Isa that is supposedly designed to cater for all sorts of recreations so we will visit there soon. There is a caravan park on the entrance to the lake, with the same name, so we will also check this out and if it comes up to our expectations we may move there for a couple of days before we leave Isa.