Monday 26th May, (Cloncurry).

Well it has happened again; Almost a full week has passed since putting down any words. This could be because we are now camped at a rather laid back town, relaxing again and enjoying the little amount to do. This town is Cloncurry, we moved here on Friday and have decided to stay until Wednesday. We are in no rush now, as we really do not have to be in Townsville, about 600k from here, until about the end of June. We are also waiting on a mail delivery at Richmond, about 200k away, and it will not be there until at least Friday.

Cloncurry has its own bit of history; it is the town where the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) commenced. The John Flynn place museum has some quite interesting displays of the setting up of the RFDS.

The Gilbert Park Tourist village is the caravan park we are staying at and they had a bar-b-que last evening, at a minimal cost, and all had a great time and meal. They cooked fish and potato patties and tasted absolutely great. One of the reasons we have extended our stay is another bar-b-que on Tuesday evening and Linda especially will enjoy a second, as she won’t have to cook for the evening.