Wilpena Pound

Wednesday 9th April, (Wilpena Pound).

An eventful few days; I picked up some wog last week, my legs were so sore after walking Alligator gorge, my back chucked it in the day we got here, Linda has picked up a sore throat. It was not a good week for walking the Pound. We stayed here another two nights so we could recover and are both now on the mend, but not 100% yet.

We did manage a walk into the pound for a look on Monday and obtained an impression of what the pound is like. We also managed a walk today, 6k odd, and I especially took it a little better than the Pound walk.

I was right when I said one could spend a bit of time here and apart from being ill we have enjoyed our stay, apart from the flies. This park has a diverse options of camping and we spotted an area next to the local lake today that would make an ideal place to camp, except for the isolation due to no one else camped there.

We will definitely have to come back here some time in the future, hopefully with some deterrent for the flies.

We will be on our way back to Port Augusta tomorrow, stay overnight only, and then make our way up the middle finally.