Roxby Downs

Sunday 13th April, (Roxby Downs).

More on Roxby after a walk around town today, it was left for today because yesterday was too wet and we were tied down to the caravan. We summed up the township as being an oasis within a desert. The mine must have placed a lot of thought and spent a lot of money in setting up this town as it is, because it is too well laid out to be built as it goes, like most towns.

The walk we had today was a pre marked tourist walk around several park in the town and it became apparent that the town is set up so all houses are built in the low areas between the sand dunes as there are no houses at all above the level of the dunes, which are not very high.

A contrast to this town is another small one to the east called Andamooka. This is an opal-mining town and it was obviously built as, and how people personally wanted, as it grew.

The town is also dirty and messy. The main road is bitumen and all the others consist of the local red dirt, and after the rain we had yesterday it seems as though one would need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to negotiate them. As a result of this the bitumen road is hardly recognisable, covered with the red dirt.

This town was an eye opener to us as in these times one would not expect to find a town anywhere in this condition, unless they intend it to be a tourist attraction.