Port Augusta

Saturday 5th April, (Port Augusta).

I am a little perplexed at the moment, as after having a flu-vac before leaving Adelaide, I have now picked up a wog. I am hopeful that it is only a 48-hour wog and I am feeling that I am already overcoming it. We were parked next to a chap at Port Pirie that had the flu, so perhaps I picked it up from him. Maybe the vac hadn’t had time to kick in before picking it up.

We have had to extend our stay here as my tobacco delivery is a little later than expected, and it will hopefully give me a little time to shake this ‘bloody’ wog.

We had a short day trip to Whyalla on Thursday and what a drab place that is. With the steel works right next to the city, everything is now a brown colour as a result of the dust and such from the mill, or it is painted that colour anyway knowing it will end up that colour.

We had another visit to the Flinders ranges yesterday, a little further north, the scenery was no different but there was a gorge, Alligator Gorge, which was worth the visit. It is not hard to see why the ‘Red Centre’ is given that name if the rock and soil is the same colour as around here.

A move tomorrow will see us at Wilpena Pound. I am waiting on a tobacco delivery so we will be staying in the area for another few days so it may as well be there.