Wilpena Pound

Wednesday 9th April, (Wilpena Pound).

An eventful few days; I picked up some wog last week, my legs were so sore after walking Alligator gorge, my back chucked it in the day we got here, Linda has picked up a sore throat. It was not a good week for walking the Pound. We stayed here another two nights so we could recover and are both now on the mend, but not 100% yet.

We did manage a walk into the pound for a look on Monday and obtained an impression of what the pound is like. We also managed a walk today, 6k odd, and I especially took it a little better than the Pound walk.

I was right when I said one could spend a bit of time here and apart from being ill we have enjoyed our stay, apart from the flies. This park has a diverse options of camping and we spotted an area next to the local lake today that would make an ideal place to camp, except for the isolation due to no one else camped there.

We will definitely have to come back here some time in the future, hopefully with some deterrent for the flies.

We will be on our way back to Port Augusta tomorrow, stay overnight only, and then make our way up the middle finally.

Wilpena Pound

Sunday 6th April, (Wilpena Pound).

We are now at Wilpena Pound, or at least at Rawnsley Park. This is a farm stay accommodation that also has a caravan park, nestled on the outer southern side of Wilpena Pound with great views of the mountain range. This is one of those parks one could stay at for a lengthy period, as it is so peaceful in a very country environment. There are quite a few walks from the park itself, but we intend going to Wilpena tomorrow and see what is to offer from there. One can assume we will have a days look around while we are there, so if we decide to do some walks from the park we will just have to extend our stay, life’s hard with all these decisions.

Although it was a little cloudy at sunset tonight I did take note of the sun setting conditions over the ranges and if the sky is clear tomorrow night I intend setting up the camera to take regular shots of the range from what could be a good spot just behind our van.

Port Augusta

Saturday 5th April, (Port Augusta).

I am a little perplexed at the moment, as after having a flu-vac before leaving Adelaide, I have now picked up a wog. I am hopeful that it is only a 48-hour wog and I am feeling that I am already overcoming it. We were parked next to a chap at Port Pirie that had the flu, so perhaps I picked it up from him. Maybe the vac hadn’t had time to kick in before picking it up.

We have had to extend our stay here as my tobacco delivery is a little later than expected, and it will hopefully give me a little time to shake this ‘bloody’ wog.

We had a short day trip to Whyalla on Thursday and what a drab place that is. With the steel works right next to the city, everything is now a brown colour as a result of the dust and such from the mill, or it is painted that colour anyway knowing it will end up that colour.

We had another visit to the Flinders ranges yesterday, a little further north, the scenery was no different but there was a gorge, Alligator Gorge, which was worth the visit. It is not hard to see why the ‘Red Centre’ is given that name if the rock and soil is the same colour as around here.

A move tomorrow will see us at Wilpena Pound. I am waiting on a tobacco delivery so we will be staying in the area for another few days so it may as well be there.

Port Augusta

Wednesday 2nd April, (Port Augusta).

We are finally away from the mosquitoes, having moved to Port Augusta today. We had a very small amount of rain last night and boy did that bring them out, no matter how much spray one used, or coils one burned, it made no difference. At least so far there does not appear to be any here.

I am quite surprised by the terrain in this area, SA collectively, as there are no trees of any size. I naturally expected this to be the case further north, but along the coastline one would expect to see some trees. This is probably why the day trip we had around the southern Flinders Ranges the other day was such a disappointment as the ‘forests’ and such on offer would have been a spectacle for the locals, but for us they were less that the normal to what we are used to.

There seems to be better trips and things to see round this area of the ranges, but I guess we will find out.

One area that is a must is Wilpena pound National park. We had intended visiting while in the district but after discussions with other travellers it appears that several days would be required in the park to see all and do most of the walks and we do not have that much time to spare at this point in time as we must get north and beat the cold nights. As a result we may give the pound a miss and visit it when we are back in the area with more time to spare.

Linda is already suffering outback withdrawals with the caravan parks in SA so far having a thing with using gravel on the park sites being dusty when the wind blows. Gravel sites may be a good idea for the park management, with lower maintenance, but it does get dusty and dirty, and this is what Linda hates. If things don’t improve it will turn out to be a poor start to our venture up the centre.