Alice Springs

Wednesday 23rd April, (Alice Springs).

We have now moved to Alice Springs, yesterday in fact, but I did not put these words down yesterday due to my being too tired, I guess all the driving over the past week or so had finally caught up with me and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Even if I have said before, I am going to say again, that both Linda and myself are in awe and wonderment at the scenery the ‘Red Centre’ has to offer. When we expected flat red dirt countryside, and nothing else, we were completely wrong. The terrain has varied that much Linda made the comment that she could not possibly get bored of the scenery on this trip, as we did in outback Queensland, as the variation has been so diverse.

Even though the earth mainly consists of that red dirt there is a large amount brush growth even up to large trees. As for being flat land; this countryside couldn’t be further from it, mountain ranges and hills are consistent through the entire area. Even though some of the land looked flat and level we were in fact on top of a mountain range.

We intend to be in this area for a few weeks, relaxing and having a good look around here before moving on. There does appear to be quite a fair amount to do here so it will take a while and we aren’t in any rush any more.

I purchased a new portable fridge today as we had over the past few days experienced a few problems with the old one. When we were camped out at freebies the problem was leaving the fridge outside running on gas and the wind constantly blowing out the pilot flame. Running on gas the fridge had to be left outside as is it is just impractical to place it in the caravan and not possible to run in the car as the heat generated was too great to risk it. The new one runs on 12Volts only and has a minimal running power usage and should not be a problem leaving it in the panel van running on the battery installed in the back. When we are at parks, as now, it does run on a 240 Volt supply so there is no problem with power usage. While we are in parks I am considering placing one of the solar panels from the caravan onto the panel van to run back up for the battery so it won’t be necessary to connect it to 240V power to charge it. We don’t use much 12 Volts while in parks so the van should survive on one panel as well.