Port Pirie

Saturday 29th March, (Port Pirie).

Must remember to wind back the clocks tonight as it is the end of daylight saving.

We moved yesterday from Adelaide to Port Pirie, about 220k. We plan on being here for 5 days or so as it will be the last chance to relax for a while due to us doing a lot more travelling and only stopping overnight or for at most 2 nights. This is until we reach Alice Springs at least and we intend staying there for at least a week or so, and then we will be back to large amounts of travelling once more until we reach Darwin, unless we turn right at Tennant Creek for the east coast.

There seems to be a bit to see around this district so it won’t be hard to fill in our time. We won’t be doing all the day trips that are on offer because we will be back here one day with a lot more time to look around with more detail. A familiarisation with the town, a visit to the tourist centre and a short walk around town taking photos was the order for today.

We have been wondering why there are a lot of places around here with the prefix ‘Port’, and the answer is obvious; almost every township on the coast is a port with wharfs. Port Pirie also has a lead smelter actually built on the edge of the local wharf, which is the main employer of the town folk.