Adelaide/West Beach

Wednesday 12th March, (Adelaide/West Beach).

I have made a move today to Adelaide Shores at West beach, another Big4. I was fed up with the lack of sunshine at Levi Park, especially now that I want to experiment with another theory I have with the low output while the solar panels are on the roof. I am suspecting, and rather hopeful, that the brackets they are mounted on may be acting as a big heat sink on the panels and resulting in a reduced output. Now I am here I will be able to find out, I have run everything on 12 volts all night tonight to reduce the battery charge in readiness to do the checks so the panels will supply continually.

I have almost formed the opinion that this park is better than Levi Park. There are in fact new bike tracks along the coastline, not shown in the bike track maps, so this should keep me up with exercise. It seems to be easily accessible to everything, and is on the beach, which will make Linda happy when she returns. The site I have been given actually has a double sized concrete block for van and annexe.