Tuesday 4th March.

Isn’t it amazing: I generally use the excuse for not putting words down is that I have been relaxing and not much has been happening. This time is quite the reverse though as since Linda left for England I have been rather busy and the time has just flown by and I haven’t given a thought to the memoirs?

One thing taking up a fair bit of time, would you believe, is organising shopping. No wonder Linda worries about it so much.

More on the light problems with the other traveller; it turned out that he has the same light fittings on his van as I have on mine and he was suffering the same problem as I experienced some time ago. The lens cover does not have a seal underneath to prevent water getting in to the light sockets themselves. His problem though, as his van hasn’t seen any rain for so long, was dust and dirt getting in and his contacts were failing as well. It did rain overnight while working on his lights and the next day when we removed the other lens cover, the dust in that light had turned to mud. We gave the globes and contacts a good clean, placed some thin rubber sticky back seal around the lens and all was now ok, lights working perfectly. After doing this for him I decided to once again check my lights and sure enough the seals in mine were not sufficient. When I placed the rubber seals on mine I only placed it on the end where there was no seal at all, but in my case the original seal that was provided was now not doing its job so it was all removed and replaced with the new seal. It turns out that I didn’t have to buy any seal for mine because the other chap, John and Nannette Steanes, only used half what they bought and they gave me the rest to do mine.

I have also been doing some pedalling on the bike. The bike tracks around here are terrific; they go for miles both to the coast and east to the Adelaide hills. I more than likely never get to see much of them but I have been to the city all ready. What makes these tracks so good is that they are not completely flat, they have little hills which make the muscles work all the more and believe me I can feel them doing their work.

I have also been working on van maintenance as well. I have organised for a visiting mechanic to come in tomorrow and grease the wheel bearings, and I have bought some more paint for the cupboard doors. I have painted a couple of doors and I have noticed that this batch of paint is a little glossier than the other lot, but I don’t think it is really that noticeable.

I guess I must have been rather busy this last week as the time has just passed that quickly that I could not believe that it was time for another weekly payment for the park site already.

I also did another modification to the battery wiring. The main problem with this park is the trees provided for shade, they also prevent the sun from getting to the solar panels, so the small battery charger is now wired into the charging regulator so it can be left on continuously without overcharging the batteries.