Wednesday 5th February, (Shepparton).

We had forgotten what hot weather was like, unless it is extraordinarily hot at the moment. It was quite warm in Melbourne, although windy, and it is even warmer now we are in Shepparton with temperatures in the high 30’s since we have been here and 18-20 min. overnight. It is no wonder there are bushfires everywhere.

It seems as though the trip to Shepparton may have been a waste of time as now we have gotten more details about the caravan insurance we are almost decided that we will, for now, stick with what we have. Linda seams to have bad feelings with the fact that the insurer was in fact a broker rather that a genuine insurance company, and the fact that he didn’t seem to have the paperwork finalised for the policies we wanted. We will now ring him tomorrow and tell him to sit on our files until he can convince us otherwise; they are to attend a caravan show in Adelaide at the end of this month so I will put it to him that we will see him again there.

My foot problem has reared its ugly head again, or at least heaps of them, and I visited a local GP today. I was going to get the other repeats for a script that my home GP wrote for me as it cleared it up while at home, but it seems that this medication is not readily available at the moment, hence the doctor visit. His suggestion was to see a specialist and seeing we are travelling to Adelaide his advice was to not treat it, if I can put up with it, until we get there and then see a specialist.

So a couple of days relaxing while here and then a rush trip to Adelaide, taking about 8-10 days.