Monday 10th February, (Horsham).

Since being in Horsham, I must admit, we have not even thought of sightseeing of any kind, until today when sitting back doing nothing I thought we have a day and a half with little to do so we had better see something while here. I had heard of a mountain just west of here and of coarse there is the Grampians. We up and went to the tourist information centre and obtained some information on the same. A trip to Mount Arapiles, to the west, today and the Grampians tomorrow is the order for tours.

Mount Arapiles, like any mountain in this area, is just like a gigantic rock jutting out of the ground in a very flat landscape, so the views from on top are typically of nothing but surrounding flat land. The scenes are of coarse ones that we would not appreciate from the flat land, so it was worth it. The mountain consists of sheer rock faces that people use for climbing practice, but none were apparent during our visit although there were plenty of obvious climbers camped at the camp ground beneath the mountain. The Grampians are of a much bigger scale so it should be much more interesting.