Monday 17th February, (Adelaide).

Nothing much has happened since we arrived in Adelaide as when we arrived the temperature was too hot to bother, and now it is too cold. No, really we have a reasonable amount of time so there is no rush. We have done the mandatory, check out the shopping centres, and we have looked at some other caravan parks that would more suit me in filling in time while Linda is away and we have picked a couple that I may spend time at. Both are big4 and both provided us with a surprise; They would be the only big4 parks that offer a discount of 7th night free in a weekly booking. There was one other at Sale, in Victoria, but there have been none since. This made a big difference in picking these parks as without the discount the price would be too high and I would have likely stayed where we are. Not that there is anything wrong with the park we are at, but the others offer plenty of cycling tracks where this one doesn’t.