Wednesday 13th February, (Adelaide).

We had a trip to the Grampians and decided one thing: There is a lot more to see here than one can do in one day so we must return and spend time camped in the area. There are quite a few high points that offer spectacular scenery, waterfalls, and plenty of bush walking, generally a very spectacular area.

We have now moved on to Adelaide. A decision was made to make this trip in one stint so we could get to Adelaide earlier, and we did not over like the look of the caravan parks we had chosen to stay at if we were to stay. The towns we were to stay at were not over impressive either, but then we were looking forward to Adelaide. The trip we made was about 450K and would be the longest single stint we have made since travelling.

We have found a caravan park at Mitcham, southwest of the city. The park is beautifully nestled in a valley, with recreation parks, on the edge of the Adelaide hills. Speaking of which, the Adelaide hills do not look like anything of any size as you approach them, but believe me there are some steep hills to traverse during the crossing. One of which, being the final descent into the suburbs, will be one that I am glad we went down because if I have my way I would prefer not to tow up it. I think that the reason the ‘hills’ look just like that is that there is basically no growth on them, one would normally expect them to be covered with trees come forests, but there weren’t any.