Sunday 5th January, (Hobart).

Painting is finished and looking at the finished job makes the effort all worthwhile.

On our way to Hobart today I called on brother-in-law, Freckles, and utilised his skills, and welder, to do a couple of jobs for me. The second gas bottle bracket on the draw bar needed welding on to the frame and I also got him to cut the wheel off the jockey wheel and replace it with a metal plate. This will overcome the problem of having the front of the caravan too low when parked on an uneven block at parks, which does occasionally happen. The problem when it does happen is fiddling about jacking the front of the van up high enough to get the jockey wheel fitted, by replacing the wheel with a plate the length of the jockey wheel is reduced by about three inches and the bottom of the same is almost level with the under side of the draw bar.

That all being done satisfactorily, we have now moved on to Hobart. We chose a park at Berriedale, mainly because it is close to Cadburys, and after moving in our thoughts of the park seem to be a little negative, even though we haven’t yet had much of a look around, but our thoughts may be premature. The cost was the first setback, being several dollars dearer than what we expected, to our mind it was a bit expensive for a Tasmanian park. The park is situated on the edge of the Derwent River and has the potential to be a top caravan park, but so far the impression I have is that it is far from that expectation. A few days here may reflect a different attitude, we will have to wait and see. I have left my park report for a few days for that same reason.


Friday 3rd January.

I have been busy for the last two days, after our Georgetown visit yesterday, painting the container and I have learned one thing; I have forgotten what it is like to do a days work. It was a good idea to paint the container, as it did need it, but this idea of working all day only reinforces my ideas that it would be nice to never have to indulge in that drudgery ever again. It has been worth it for the exercise value if nothing else, and it should be finished tomorrow.


Wednesday 1st January 2003 (Kelso).

Well here we are in the new year, and hopefully this year will be a new adventure for us as we plan a trip to cover the rest of the round trip of the large island that we have not done yet. We plan on travelling to South Australia on our return and then up the centre and down the west coast, but that is in the future.

We are at present at Kelso, on the mouth of the Tamar river at a very nice local caravan park. We were getting a little restless and decided that we needed a break and get away for a week or so and visit a few areas we had intended.

We have enjoyed our time in Tassie, with Matthew, Lou and family and also with friends, I have met with a few old work mates and still have a few we must catch up with when we return to Matt’s for the remainder of our stay.

A quiet time was spent at Christmas, with Louisa at long last getting the opportunity to have the entire day spent at her place, with family having dinner there.

We visited Bruce and Di, with other family, to see in the new year and a quiet evening was spent just sitting around talking. It turned out to be an interesting evening for me, as all the others there are Christians and are staunch believers, and as expected most of the conversation for the evening was made up of each of them sharing their ideas and beliefs with each other. With me being one that is not a disbeliever, but not sharing the same beliefs as the others, it was a change for me to just mostly sit and listen to their ideas as, apart from years gone by when religion was forced upon me, I have not shown any concern for any of the ideas of Christians, and as I am not one to condone them for having their beliefs, it was rather interesting to just sit and listen. Some of the time I admit I did think some of their ideas were a little over the top, especially when criticism was made against people of a particular different faith as if they had no right whatsoever of doing so, as if the faith of the one of the people present (Christianity) was the only one anybody should have. I guess though that this is there prerogative and I am certainly not one to criticise.

We have had a nice bit of rain throughout Tassie over the last couple of days and it would be nice to think that the rest of the country has shared in it as well.

A phone call from sister Joan indicates that a cousin from England is in Tassie visiting and another cousin, Margaret from down south Tassie, is introducing him to as many rellies as possible, so it looks like a trip to George town tomorrow to meet him. This will mean a delay to my painting of the shipping container expedition, but we will get it done.