Sunday 5th January, (Hobart).

Painting is finished and looking at the finished job makes the effort all worthwhile.

On our way to Hobart today I called on brother-in-law, Freckles, and utilised his skills, and welder, to do a couple of jobs for me. The second gas bottle bracket on the draw bar needed welding on to the frame and I also got him to cut the wheel off the jockey wheel and replace it with a metal plate. This will overcome the problem of having the front of the caravan too low when parked on an uneven block at parks, which does occasionally happen. The problem when it does happen is fiddling about jacking the front of the van up high enough to get the jockey wheel fitted, by replacing the wheel with a plate the length of the jockey wheel is reduced by about three inches and the bottom of the same is almost level with the under side of the draw bar.

That all being done satisfactorily, we have now moved on to Hobart. We chose a park at Berriedale, mainly because it is close to Cadburys, and after moving in our thoughts of the park seem to be a little negative, even though we haven’t yet had much of a look around, but our thoughts may be premature. The cost was the first setback, being several dollars dearer than what we expected, to our mind it was a bit expensive for a Tasmanian park. The park is situated on the edge of the Derwent River and has the potential to be a top caravan park, but so far the impression I have is that it is far from that expectation. A few days here may reflect a different attitude, we will have to wait and see. I have left my park report for a few days for that same reason.