Sunday 22nd December.

Well I was right in one respect before we came home in saying that I probably wouldn’t be putting down many words. It has been a couple of weeks and apart from one occasion I really haven’t even thought of writing anything.

The one occasion was one day last week when I decided to do the tourist thing and walk around Launceston taking photos. After a short time I decided that I was now seeing Launceston in a perspective I had never seen before, as a tourist. I remember making comments in the past few months about towns and their old buildings, and have now realised that I don’t think any of them compare with what I am seeing here. This place has blocks and blocks of old buildings kept in very good order. I walked the town for a couple of hours and ended up almost filling both my memory cards in the camera, being the first town I have done this in. I have been so overcome that I have never seen Launceston in this perspective.

Back on October 18th in Armidale I made the comment how we thought that township reminded us of Launceston, and after walking Lonny taking photos I now realise why. The nature of the old buildings and the layout of the both towns, footpath and malls aspect, have very much in common so it is no wonder that we both had that experience.