Sunday 8th December.

A week has now passed since we arrived in Tassie and we have not had a spare moment. Linda has been busy looking after the grandkids while Lou is working, and even when she is not working. I have been busy working on some modifications that need doing to the roof racks, and some pole tubes on the van.

We did get a chance to go visiting to Beaconsfield and Georgetown yesterday and we must make an effort to visit people more often from now on so we get a chance to meet most everyone.

Linda had her chance for a good deed today by finding a lost purse at the Kmart. This time she was determined to find the owner and know that it was handed to the rightful owner. She did in the past find another purse at Swansea and handed it into the Police station, but never heard if it had been handed back to whomever owned it so this time was to be different. We checked all her cards for addresses and phone numbers, and it appeared she was from Hobart, but even after referring to the white pages we could not come up with a phone number. We did find a business card from a real-estate agent with a note for her, so decided to ring the agent for help. She could only reveal to us that the one we were looking for was a police officer so we decided to ring the police station for assistance. The police did know of her and asked if I could bring the purse down immediately, so I did and the person who made the loss was in the station waiting for me to arrive. After telling her the story she was understandably over the moon with the return. She asked of what reward we would want and was stunned when I replied “My wife will be sufficiently rewarded knowing that the purse has been returned to its rightful owner and that she has done a good deed for somebody”. We have at least made one person happy today anyway.