Sunday 22nd December.

Well I was right in one respect before we came home in saying that I probably wouldn’t be putting down many words. It has been a couple of weeks and apart from one occasion I really haven’t even thought of writing anything.

The one occasion was one day last week when I decided to do the tourist thing and walk around Launceston taking photos. After a short time I decided that I was now seeing Launceston in a perspective I had never seen before, as a tourist. I remember making comments in the past few months about towns and their old buildings, and have now realised that I don’t think any of them compare with what I am seeing here. This place has blocks and blocks of old buildings kept in very good order. I walked the town for a couple of hours and ended up almost filling both my memory cards in the camera, being the first town I have done this in. I have been so overcome that I have never seen Launceston in this perspective.

Back on October 18th in Armidale I made the comment how we thought that township reminded us of Launceston, and after walking Lonny taking photos I now realise why. The nature of the old buildings and the layout of the both towns, footpath and malls aspect, have very much in common so it is no wonder that we both had that experience.


Sunday 8th December.

A week has now passed since we arrived in Tassie and we have not had a spare moment. Linda has been busy looking after the grandkids while Lou is working, and even when she is not working. I have been busy working on some modifications that need doing to the roof racks, and some pole tubes on the van.

We did get a chance to go visiting to Beaconsfield and Georgetown yesterday and we must make an effort to visit people more often from now on so we get a chance to meet most everyone.

Linda had her chance for a good deed today by finding a lost purse at the Kmart. This time she was determined to find the owner and know that it was handed to the rightful owner. She did in the past find another purse at Swansea and handed it into the Police station, but never heard if it had been handed back to whomever owned it so this time was to be different. We checked all her cards for addresses and phone numbers, and it appeared she was from Hobart, but even after referring to the white pages we could not come up with a phone number. We did find a business card from a real-estate agent with a note for her, so decided to ring the agent for help. She could only reveal to us that the one we were looking for was a police officer so we decided to ring the police station for assistance. The police did know of her and asked if I could bring the purse down immediately, so I did and the person who made the loss was in the station waiting for me to arrive. After telling her the story she was understandably over the moon with the return. She asked of what reward we would want and was stunned when I replied “My wife will be sufficiently rewarded knowing that the purse has been returned to its rightful owner and that she has done a good deed for somebody”. We have at least made one person happy today anyway.


Saturday 7th December.

I hadn’t planned on writing much on our visit home, but I guess there are always words to be put down.

The granny flat idea was put to Matt and Lou and as expected they were all for the idea, and I believe ended up a little over enthusiastic. Matt and I went to see the credit union to see if any finance would be possible and it turns out that with Matts finance situation not a great deal could happen for several months, in which time he would have a chance to prove his saving ability. Oh well we will see what eventuates.

Matt and car problems: His little Datsun finally failed sometime early in the year and he has spend some time repairing it. When we arrived the car was sitting in the back yard, all together and nobody has been able to start it. I had a bit of a go at it without any success, and the other night one of Matt’s friends, jogging mate, was here also looking at it and suggested we try towing it. This originally did not seem a viable option as the engine just failed to show any signs of firing in all our attempts to get it going. We eventually tied it to the back of the panel van and towed it up the road, and, would you believe, on the first attempt the motor wanted to run, not on its own but certainly while under tow. After the third, or forth, run alone test the thing decided that it intended running on its own no problems. We unhitched and I followed Matt around a couple of blocks and back home and it wasn’t going to fail. It turned out we had a little water leak, so a bit more work replacing the welsh plugs and he may have a going car for a while, it is running smoother than I have ever heard it.

Linda has, understandably, been spending a fair bit of time with Lou and the kids, in so giving me plenty of time on my own to do things that need doing to improve our camping situation in the back yard, and for the future. Today we will start our venture out to start visiting rellies and friends with a trip to Beaconsfield, and we have a date to see Jason and Angie on Thursday evening.

Linda has had a little upset this week with Adrian. We received a message that his landlord has put the units on the market and the estate agents were bringing clients in to have a look. We thought it would be an idea to check on how well he had cleaned his unit, and that was when she had her fit. So as one would expect, Linda had to spend a full day at his unit trying to get it in some sort of order for the visit that evening. She did manage to achieve her goal to some satisfaction, but I don’t think she will be too keen to ever do it again.


Chapter 17

Our 2002 trip home.

Sunday 1st December 2002, (Launceston).

We are now back in Tassie and camped at Matthew’s.

We arrived a little early in Melbourne and did all that we intended to do so we bought our boat trip forward so we could spend a little more time at home.

We managed to visit Annette while in Melbourne, at her relatively new abode, new to us, as we had not been there yet. She lives at Keilor east, just a few kilometres north of the caravan park, so it was easy to find and close by.

I have decided that, in our efforts to offload more weight, we really shouldn’t need two spare wheels for the caravan so I dropped one off at Marnie and David’s at Geelong. I figured that if we do need it in the future it would be easier and cheaper to get it sent to us from there rather than Tassie.

We managed to catch up with Dennis and Sue while in Melbourne, as it turned out they arrived a little early as well and were booked into the same caravan park. We managed to catch up on some of each others stories, and we learned a little of what to expect down the west coast if we get there next year.

Elly was a little anxious about us coming early and was a little upset when we had planned to stay at Devonport overnight when we arrived, instead of travelling to Launceston late in the evening. All was forgiven though when we did arrive at their church this morning.

We had all along planned to stay at Matthew’s place, assuming we could get in to the back yard, and when we arrived I decided that it would be almost impossible to get the caravan up the very steep section at the bottom of the drive, let alone around a tricky little bend beyond it. Matt and Lou were not very happy when I informed them of this until Matthew suggested we look at dismantling a section of the fence to next door and come through there. This option I considered was viable so when it was achieved everybody was happier that we are now staying here. The trek into the back yard was a little tricky, and the slope in the back yard is not ideal, but we are in and we will not find it difficult to put up with the conditions. The power cord needed to be a little longer than usual but we found enough cords, and the fact that I will have access to Matt’s ADSL, unlimited super fast internet access, these conditions will be all the more tolerable. At least if we want to come and go, as we might, the access we now have to the yard will not be of much difficulty.

I intend tonight, when they all come home from church, putting an idea to Matt and Lou about purchasing a house. Linda and I consider that if they agree, and if it were at all possible, to purchase a house with a granny flat attached and we would be prepared to pay portion of the purchase, being the deposit, and the granny flat would be considered ours. We will now wait and see what their ideas are, and hopefully we may be able to organise something while we are here.