Tuesday 5th November, (Narrandera).

Narrandera is our place of residence as of this morning. We have visited Narrandera, not only because we haven’t been here before, but also it appears that there are quite a few areas around this district for free camping and we intend to check them out. If any of the areas, and the weather, is suitable we intend to utilise some of them. If these are not suitable there are also some camping areas along the Murray river near Tocumwal and Cobram, so if all else fails we will move on to those. We will be visiting these camp areas anyway to see if they are suitable.

Thursday 7th November, (Narrandera).

Narrandera; this is another place that we could easily stay for a while. Yesterday, which was going to be a day of looking around, turned out to be a maintenance, come doing nothing day. We are situated in the caravan park on a site that overlooks the lake, even though we are elevated somewhat, and it is so peaceful just sitting outside looking over the water and the birds that habit the area. That is what happened most of the day after I managed some maintenance duties. Today was made the day for wandering town taking photos; tomorrow we will go for a drive to check the free camping areas. Yes we have booked in for an extra couple of days to give us extra time to look around. We should then have a day for again just sitting and looking over the lake again.

Again this is a place that has many old buildings preserved very well. It seems that the old buildings in the towns we have visited recently are so numerous because all this area was settled earlier than most other areas we have visited hence we are now noticing the difference. I had the idea of inserting some photos, but there are so many, so which ones do one insert.

I believe I have impressed the manager of this park somewhat, as we have had a very in-depth discussion about caravan 12V power and solar panels. He, and wife, is preparing himself with details of setting them up in a caravan and he is seriously considering what to do for power. I think I have answered many questions he had about this topic and in the process have also given him some extra ideas on how he can improve the situation. He also, I consider, did himself a big favour in realising what I meant when I tried to convince him that proper use of solar panels, and associated electrics, will only be perfected with use, practice, familiarisation and having a good appreciation of what is required before one starts. This is of coarse unless one has an abundance of funds and can afford a system that will be totally over abundant for ones actual use.