Thursday 21st November, (Melbourne).

We are now in Melbourne and look like being here until we go home. We are now also thinking of bringing our trip home on the boat forward, if possible, there may not be any reason to linger around here longer than necessary.

It’s not extremely warm here either, but at least the sun was shining today.

Mail from Narrelle was here at the caravan park office when we arrived, and we are sure they are birthday presents so they won’t be opened until Monday. There was also a surprise parcel as well, posted from somewhere in Aus, but Linda said she knows what it is and it as well won’t be opened until Monday.

We asked at the office if they had a D Bowden in the park, just in case Dennis and Sue were here already, and they indicated that they are booked in for Tuesday for a few days so if we decide to bring our boat trip forward we may get to see them before we leave anyway. It would be good to have a get-together and discuss aspects of our travels.

I guess that this may as well be the end of this chapter, and the next one will be ‘our trip home’.