Sunday 3rd November, (Cootamundra).

Medical problems are continuing, the pain in my side seems to have almost cleared up, but now it is eye problems. I have picked up severe conjunctivitis in my left eye. It started on Friday and yesterday morning it was much worse so a visit was made to the local hospital, being Saturday, and after taking details they then sent me to the weekend emergency doctor’s surgery. Some drops were given with instructions to keep taking them for five days even though improvement should be almost immediate. Late in the afternoon the pain became almost unbearable, like the eyelids had razor blades in them and every time I blinked or shut my eyes they were being sliced to pieces. Another trip was made to the hospital and it turned out that the doctor was in attendance and gave me another check. More drops, to take over the next few days, and an anaesthetic drop to ease the pain and it was like instant recovery, no more pain! It turned out the latest treatment must have been spot on because the pain and discomfort has not returned and now a full day, plus, has passed and all still feels OK.

This little problem has left me short sighted, with a patch on one eye, so driving was out. The result was that we have had a good chance to get a look around here by foot and when not doing that, yes relaxing, something I do very well. In fact according to Linda it is something I can make an art form out of.

We were due to leave here today, so yesterday I saw management and explained the situation that we are unsure when we will be departing and her answer was one that we would never expect from any park; She simply said “That’s ok, just work it out when you do leave and fix it up then”.

It turns out since then we have decided that it could be a typical type solution in this area as during our stay we have noticed on varied occasions the locals show a friendliness not seen in any other area, to our memory. Linda is repeatedly coming home from shopping, eg, with a story of how another friendly situation has occurred, of how people just stop in the street and have a small chat or just smile and say hello. She wants to stay here for a while, but we will have to move on maybe Tuesday.