Tuesday 19th November, (Ballarat).

A very relaxing week at Shepparton has come to an end, we have moved on to Ballarat, if we didn’t we may well have stayed there and happily vegetated.

We only intend being here for a couple of days, as we want to be in Melbourne for a while before going home.

On the drive down here today we passed through several small towns with very old buildings, and wondered why we were missing staying at towns such as these. We have decided that in time to come we must allow some time to just cruise around Victoria and have a good look, the thought had never occurred to us before.

Wednesday 20th November, (Ballarat).

It is a very cold day at Ballarat so sightseeing was limited to lookouts and a drive around in the car. I would normally take a heap of pictures around the city area but, apart from being so cold, I thought where does one start taking pictures of the buildings around here. Or more to the point, where would one finish taking pictures around here.

Being so cold and not looking to get much better we have decided to move on to Melbourne tomorrow, at least if it is cold there as well we will have something to do during the day.