Thursday 10th October, (Warwick).

A trip east to the mountains was the order for today, to the Queen Mary Falls. It turned out that there was also another waterfall in the area as well as a lookout looking east. All of these offered spectacular views. The Queen Mary Falls also offered a track around the valley below and back to the base of the falls, which was well worth the walk.

We received an email from our solicitor yesterday regarding the sale of the house. He informs us that Jason wants the finalisation date to be the 1st of November, and he has some paper work for us to sign before then so we now want to be in Sydney as early as possible as he is sending them to Sue’s address. There is no point in rushing down there though as Narrelle is also sending some mail there and that will take about two weeks. We figure it will take us about that long anyway with no dallying, hence we will move from here on Saturday as planned and will have to watch Bathurst in Tenterfield. We still have tomorrow to walk around town, weather permitting, as I must get some pictures of some of the old buildings here.