Wednesday 9th October, (Warwick).

We are now in Warwick. We have only booked into the park for 3 days, but we will probably stay for an extra couple as Bathurst race is on this weekend and I would like to prop while I know what TV reception is like. Warwick, obviously being an old town, has several old and massive churches, along with old buildings and pubs around town so I think I will spend some time around town taking pictures.

We tackled another very steep hill today to get to this area. After traversing the hill at the entry to Toowoomba from Brisbane, I declared that if I had the choice I would never make the panel van suffer the effort again if I could avoid it. I did know about the climb, but after seeking advice the information received indicated that this hill, even though longer, is not quite as steep as Toowoomba. This was in fact the case and the car did scale the climb a little easier than Toowoomba with the temperature not climbing quite to overheating, but it was still the type of climb that I would prefer to avoid if at all possible in future. I would suggest though that some hills are going to be unavoidable. I did also receive some info from Danny, who was a driver in the army and travelled our entire great nation, that the only one worse than these is the Victoria pass approaching Bathurst area from Sydney. I do intend travelling this pass on our way to Bathurst, but it will be down it and we probably won’t be on that road again.