Monday 14th October, (Tenterfield).

The car racing for the weekend is over, and boy what a race.

We had an opportunity to have a look around today, after Linda went for a walk yesterday and called into the visitors centre and gathered some information about the area. We decided on a couple of tourist drives and a walk around town.

The first loop drive to the west was ok but some of the attractions were, in my opinion, not as good as we were led to believe, with the exception of Mt McKenzie lookout, which offered a good view of the township and surrounding district.

The township is a little surprising, with the old buildings. Old buildings are a part of most, if not all, towns but this one seems to have so many for a town its size.

We then went on a drive to the northeast, but were a little disappointed. Several attractions, such as waterfalls and mountains, were in National parks and it is just too expensive to visit NSW National parks. The charges are a minimum of $6.00 per vehicle per day per park and with us intending to visit several parks we would have been up for a cost of about $24-30.00. Camping is also going to be a no-no in these parks as well; on top of the vehicle fees there are camping fees of at least $6.00 per day per person, so total costs would be at least $18.00 per day. It would be cheaper on a lot of occasions to stay in caravan parks as they are generally about $15-16.00, and one has use of all facilities.