Thursday 31st October, (Cowra /Cootamundra).

Our time spent at Cowra was very quiet and relaxing as I have been experiencing a, hopefully, minor medical complaint. I have had a sharp pain in my right side just below the ribs. It feels much like a muscular problem, but we have been a little worried as it seems to get a lot worse at night times making it very difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep without too much pain. We spent two nights at Cowra and before we decided to move this morning I made a visit to the doctors. He was at a loss as to what it was, thinking that being in the lower liver area it is unlikely to be that, as there is no nausea and all other functions appear normal. He suggested that it would be difficult to diagnose without an ultra-sound to possibly show what is wrong. The problem is that the nearest one is at Bathurst or Wagga, so a decision was made to travel on closer to Wagga as we had planned to go that way anyway. If anything develops over the next few days we will be closer to Wagga if further treatment is required.

We are now at Cootamundra, about 100k north of Wagga. This seems like a very quiet peaceful town, so we have decided to stay here for a while so I can take things easy and see what happens.