Saturday 5th October, (Brisbane).

An eventful week is now over, with Matthew and family having left today to return home. Though it was very enjoyable having the family visit us, it is nice to have returned to normality. Things were a little hectic, although we had a tent for them it was only used for sleeping in and the caravan is definitely not suited for long term entertaining. We were somewhat restricted in things to do, as my car is only two seated and we couldn’t go anywhere.

The mobile mechanic turned out to be a winner; his quality was of a very top standard and the price was very reasonable as well, being less than prices I have spent on services.

I am wondering whether I will ever have any mechanical work done in Townsville again, as after having a wheel alignment done there, as a precaution only after the little incident with the rocks when I damaged the sump, I have noticed that the front tyres are starting to scrub. Before the alignment there was no trouble at all, and now it needs one. One was done on Friday, and could be just as well, as he picked up that the wheel bearings need some work, this will be done on Monday.

After getting the van back to a normal state today, and returning borrowed gear to Deris’s tomorrow, we then have two days to have a little look around before beginning our trek to Melbourne. At least unlike Matt’s rush trip, we will have 7 or 8 weeks to get there.

Tuesday 8th October, (Brisbane).

All is back to normal now, except fully getting back into the routine, but tomorrow will fix that. We are now packed and ready to move tomorrow, and we intend making our way to Warwick, south of Toowoomba on the New England highway. Our intention is to then make our way down New England to Sydney. Hopefully this will take us about two weeks, then we will have about five weeks to cruise down to Melbourne.