Friday 18th October, (Armidale).

The problem of cold evenings has been overcome somewhat by placing the doona back on the bed, and this is much better.

Armidale turns out to be a tourist delight, with plenty of old buildings around the area to fill plenty of time photographing. There are several tourist drives.

Yesterday we had a tour around town on a bus provided free of service and one only had to book for the trip at the tourist info Centre. This was a very enlightening trip indicating where some of the better buildings were. After the trip I did my usual thing and wandered around town taking photos. I didn’t take as many as I thought I would, but there were too many old buildings to cover.

While walking through town Linda turned to me and said, “This place reminds me of home, it gives me the feeling that I keep expecting to bump into familiar faces”. I could then only agree that I also experienced the same feelings.

Today was a disastrous day for sightseeing as the bushfires north of here at Tingha and Grafton resulted in this area being totally covered with smoke. We did go on a tourist drive along the Waterfall Way, the main road to Coff’s Harbour on the coast, which boasts several spectacular waterfalls and gorges. Although the smoke spoilt the views and it made taking photos a bad idea, we did at least get an appreciation of what they were like. We didn’t visit all the places on offer, such as what was supposed to be spectacular lookout, because we decided that it would be a waste due to the extra distance.