Tuesday 15th October, (Armidale).

A disgruntled discussion took place this morning along the lines of ‘what are we doing here in the cold’. It was rather cold last night and as a result Linda said she didn’t get much sleep because of it, so we both appeared to get out of the wrong side of the bed. We almost decided to change our immediate plans and change course to Ballina on the coast where it is warmer, but we chose to continue on our way because due to the terrain of the roads along this highway I doubt if we will be back along it again. It was decided to continue and see what we came to see.

We are now camped at Armidale, and had an experience today that one would not expect to have, considering the type caravan park we chose to stay at. We booked into the Pembroke park, which is a Top Tourist park and while setting up we noticed that some sort of material was sticking to our shoes and subsequently sticking to the floor of the van and very difficult to remove. It turned out that the trees around the sites where we were shed what seam to be seedpods that are covered in some sort of sappy resin that is extremely sticky. After speaking to another couple, also just checking in, that were aware of the problem, it seams that it is a regular occurrence at this time of year. They further added that if these things find their way onto the caravan or the car they are very difficult to remove. We chose another site and told management that we moved. I don’t know whether it would have made a difference, but the present management are relief management that only commenced today and say they were unaware of the problem.

7:00 PM the same day.

Watching the weather broadcast presented the realisation as to why we thought it was cold last night, Tenterfield recorded a low temperature last night of just 2 degrees. Armidale’s forecast for tonight is 4 degrees so we will be prepared.