Thursday 31st October, (Cowra /Cootamundra).

Our time spent at Cowra was very quiet and relaxing as I have been experiencing a, hopefully, minor medical complaint. I have had a sharp pain in my right side just below the ribs. It feels much like a muscular problem, but we have been a little worried as it seems to get a lot worse at night times making it very difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep without too much pain. We spent two nights at Cowra and before we decided to move this morning I made a visit to the doctors. He was at a loss as to what it was, thinking that being in the lower liver area it is unlikely to be that, as there is no nausea and all other functions appear normal. He suggested that it would be difficult to diagnose without an ultra-sound to possibly show what is wrong. The problem is that the nearest one is at Bathurst or Wagga, so a decision was made to travel on closer to Wagga as we had planned to go that way anyway. If anything develops over the next few days we will be closer to Wagga if further treatment is required.

We are now at Cootamundra, about 100k north of Wagga. This seems like a very quiet peaceful town, so we have decided to stay here for a while so I can take things easy and see what happens.


Sunday 27th October, (Bathurst).

We are finally at Bathurst; the road over the mountains was not as bad as expected, then we were hyped up for it to be bad. Victoria pass, which we had heard a lot of bad stories about, including one of how a couple lost there van and car on a similar downhill, wasn’t as bad as I feared, but then I was being extra careful. Linda mentioned when we reached the bottom that she was glad for that section to be behind us as she was the most worried because of the stories.

Today is for setting up and watching a little of the Indy racing from the Gold coast, then tomorrow the first priority is to do a lap of Mount Panorama, the famous Bathurst circuit, while there are hopefully still some black marks from the recent race still on the road.

Tuesday 29th October, (Bathurst).

I am now satisfied, I have done more than a lap of Mt Panorama, I did three laps with Linda in the passenger seat with the camera taking photos.

I now have a different outlook on the track and will now be able to appreciate the race all the more, knowing how steep and windy the track actually is. I must admit I did have the idea that I would have liked to remove all the gear from the rear of the panel-van and have a good lap, but logic prevailed and I stuck to the 60k limit that is strictly adhered to. I have heard that there are several permanent speed traps around the circuit, although none were apparent. If this is the case and they are hidden the spot one would most likely be is at the beginning of Conrod strait just out of the Dipper, and this is the spot that the vehicle on its own accord took off, and I did notice I crept up to 85k or so. I guess I will find out if I get a ticket.

The rest of the day, being a bit of a let down after that experience, was spend wandering town taking photos.

We have now moved on about 100k south to Cowra. Although this is quite a nice town, I am beginning to dislike it. This is only for the insects in the area. There appears to be a greater variety of insects here than I have experienced in one place anywhere else. A decent spray around the van will hopefully keep them out.


Saturday 26th October, (Sydney).

Well we have signed the house title transfer forms and sent them back to the solicitor only to find out that the final transaction date has been put back to the 15th November. We are very hopeful that this will be the last delay in finalisation.

We met up with Sue and she insisted that she take us out for tea last night. We found out it was a shout for my birthday, but it turned out Sue was a month out, she thought it was November. We enjoyed a nice meal anyway at the Blacktown Workers club.

We had intended moving on today but when we arose this morning it was raining and our rules are that if it is raining on moving day we don’t move, so we are here for today as well. This gave Linda a chance to give Sue a hand to unpack some of her gear from boxes from when she moved here; she has only been here for 18 months or so.

We are now packed up and ready to move tomorrow, and will be moving rain, hail or shine. It is a rather expensive park to stay, at $25.00 a night, and it would be much cheaper to move on elsewhere.


Thursday 24th October, (Sydney).

It has been demonstrated again how we must have just been enjoying the relaxation again for the past couple of days, because I have once again not put finger to keys for a while. It’s not that nothing happens on the days I don’t write anything, plenty does, but it is generally just ordinary everyday things and I just don’t think to write anything.

It was just as well we didn’t intend doing much in this area this time as the wind has been just too strong to want to venture anywhere.

We did get to catch up with Craig while in the Gosford area, although his wife wasn’t there, she must have been working.

We are now once again at Sydney, having moved today. We are at the usual caravan park, where Sue lives, and hopefully we will meet Sue tomorrow night. She is a busy lassie during the week and she does have Friday night free. Because she wouldn’t get a chance to meet us tonight we arranged for her to leave our mail at the reception desk for pickup on our arrival. One of the letters is from our solicitor and is an agreement contract for the final sale of our house, and we must read it tonight, sign it and put it back in the mail tomorrow so it is back in his hands by the end of the month. By this time next week our bank balance should get a big boost.

We are going to keep an eye on the news for the next couple of days and watch for bush fires. Linda is a little worried that they may keep us from going over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst; I don’t blame her for worrying, but I must reassure her that if the road is not closed then travel through the area will be ok.

After checking in to the park we were placed onto a site next to, as Linda noticed, another Tasmanian couple. We mentioned a comment about half of Tassie must be over here, and that we were Tasmanian, and they went berserk and explained that it was nice to meet another from the home state. Apparently they are only here for an 8-week holiday and have not met any home folk yet and found it a novelty. We will hopefully meet them again tomorrow, I was busy setting up at that time and they were going out, and sit down and have a good chat with them.

The Entrance

Monday 21st October, (The Entrance).

Several places were in mind as to where we were to stay tonight, being Muswellbrook, Singleton or Maitland and we were to chose on the way depending how we felt, considering my back is playing up a little. It turns out the seats in the car seam to assist when I have back problems and seeing that it felt good while driving we ended up travelling all the way to The Entrance. We will now have three days here before moving on to Sydney.