Sunshine Coast/Coolum

Wednesday 18th September, (Sunshine Coast/Coolum Beach).

We made an early start this morning and what a difference it made, we had left by 8:30 instead of 10:00. Firstly the thing we noticed was all the caravans on the road, most must travel before the hour of 11AM. The cooler morning air makes a difference to the car performance, as its temperature does not rise as much. I also noticed that I had so much spare time at the end of the day after setting up, and it was nice to have some time to catch a nap.

We are quite happy with the decision of selecting the caravan park we had. It is situated on the beach, close to shops and is of a standard one would expect being an FPA park. It is one of a group of parks run by the Maroochy Shire council and it would be interesting to see if the others are of equal quality. They are more toward the centre of the Sunshine coast at Maroochydore and the reason we didn’t select one of these is because of the school holidays with people everywhere, especially in that area. This is of coarse only an assumption though as we have never been here before and don’t really know any better.

News from Matthew today reveals that it is doubtful as to whether they are now coming to Brisbane this month, yet another of the plans for the year that has fallen through. They are having several problems at the moment that will prevent them from coming, Louisa’s father is in hospital, not very well at all and she does not want to leave him at the moment, they have to vacate there house soon and don’t have anywhere to move to, and of coarse there usual problem is finances. Matthew suggested that maybe he will come on his own, and bring Jay, so it looks as though we will, or can be, in Brisbane then anyway so whatever happens is of no real problem.